My real love for art began in 6th grade, when I realized that Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan art was something I could do. Somewhere between my first wobbly sketch of the teenage slayer and graduating High School I realized this was what I wanted out of life.


Influenced by 90’s action media and ancient mythologies, narrative work in comics and game design has become my focus. I try to integrate storytelling and world building in all of my work, both traditional illustration and product design. I love exploring the new possibilities that ever changing technologies and mediums provide, and have developed a wide range of styles and techniques over the years. My flexibility in style and medium allows me to prioritize my dedication to telling stories that encourage compassion, self dedication, and optimism.

Beyond my visual arts practice, I am deeply invested in the creative activities that are used to celebrate community and the individual. Cooking, sewing, music, and dance are fundamental to how I think about communication and creation. I endeavor constantly to explore the beauty of these celebratory activities, and to share the exciting things that I find through my work.

I currently work in animation, comics, and video game development. Recent clients include Rose City Games, First Second Comics, and The Bible Project.