Flexer Upper is a three player table top game about three lady space pirates battling against the clock to repair their ship. The hexaflexagonal engine of their spacecraft is about to fail, so Gwydion, Calliope, and Rebecca must run through the halls of their ship to find extra fuel rods. But even as they rush to repair, the engine room is flipping and rotating in infinite space! Flexer Upper was developed in a 24 hour game jam for Portland Indie Game Squad's March 2017 Table Top Jam. 



Players lay down tiles to create pathways and explore the ship. As they go, players draw item and action cards that range from useful speed boosts to housemasters, space altering door changes. 




Mounted in the center of the ship is the engine. This engine is designed as a hexaflexagon, which intermitantly flips inward on itself, rotates, and locks doors. The player tiles form paths radiating fron the engine room that they can explore. Once they find fuel rods the players must return to the engine room to make repairs, but there's no garantee that the doors will still be unlocked!

CALLIOPE is the balanced character, moving at a steady clip through the ship and hauling a moderate amount of gear. 

REBECCA is the tank. She is slow and steady, capable of transporting a robust load back to the engine room each trip. 

GWYDION, the scout, can move quickly through the ship. Though she can't carry as much as her teammates, she can make trips back and forth much quicker!


Nyssa Oru

Art Direction, Character design, Asset development, Illustration, Game Play Design, Fabrication

Marlowe Dobbe

Art direction, Layout Design, Asset Development, Illustration, Game Play Design

Tim Volpe

Game Play Design

Tristan Damron

Game Play Design

Mark Nerys

Asset Development, Illustrations, 3D Design