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ZERO DIVIDE: Fire on the Mountain

Zero Divide is an in development interactive comic. The story focuses on three young mothers as they follow clues to a plot that could destroy their home. 

Basic Story

Runa, Dani, and Jess live together in a post-apocalyptic city in the heart of a sprawling desert. Despite their isolation and limited resources the occupants of Esper City have found a way to happily thrive. They grow their own food, produce their own fuel, and govern themselves peacefully. 150 years after the 1989 collapse of society, Runa, Dani, and Jess are happily married and living as caretakers to a hoard of children in a community dorm. 

However, when the secretive and elitist community of Ciel (who live behind high guarded walls at the center of Esper) begin unexpectedly raiding Esper's resources, the girls know that they must act quickly to save their home. In a desperate search to unearth Ciel's master plan they beginning digging through history, and find a little more than they were expecting. 


Esper Community Dorm

Espers population had a rough start. With life expectancy being a tedious thing, and occupations sometimes demanding long hours or absences, the community developed a reliance upon the Community Dorms. Almost half of all children born in Esper are raised in the Dorms, by dedicated caretakers and educators that are individuals widely recognized to be more capable of providing stability and devotions for the children. 

Esper City is in the middle of a North American desert that sprawls for unknown distances around the city. Some Citizens scavenge goods and materials from vehicles and facilities buried for decades in the sand. The Easy Way station is the furthest inhabited outpost for scavengers to rest at. 

The City itself rests behind high protective walls that have become support for piling residential units. Food is grown in repurposed buildings and structures throughout the city. 

Converted farming stadium.

Outer wall between the Flats and Esper.

Ciel city

Ciel city has been afforded a long stretch of isolation because their self-sustaining resource technology has provided everything the citizens could need. But in their reliance upon this technology the occupants have lost touch with the world, each other, and themselves. 

Dani wearing her scavenging gear. 

Early concept work of Runa gardening outside of the Community Dorms.